Below, take note of the general terms and conditions of sale offered by the “watermansport surfschool”.

Article 1 – Object

“watermansport surfschool”, a surf school, offers surfing lessons, stand-up paddle and coaching for individuals and groups according to a detailed program on its website at The services are provided and supervised by state-certified professionals.

The full description of the activities, its location, dates and times as well as its price are presented on the website.

The purchase of one or more services implies the buyer’s unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale and use, in force on the day of registration for the activity, and as they appear on the site.

The general conditions of sale and use may be subject to modification, those in force are those present on the site at the time of subscription or purchase of the service. As such, the buyer must indicate by ticking the corresponding box in the registration form that he has read, understood and accepted these conditions of sale. “watermansport surfschool”. is dedicated to teaching and supervising surfing activities, stand-up paddle and coaching for individuals and groups made up of adults or children. Only adults can buy a service online. However, it is understood that children have access to the activities. Some activities specify the minimum or maximum age of children, for practical organizational reasons.

Article 2 – Access to the site

Access to the site is free of charge for any user with Internet access. All costs related to access to the site, whether hardware, software or Internet access costs, are the sole responsibility of the user. He is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his computer equipment and his access to the Internet.

The consultation of the website as a whole is totally free of charge. “watermansport surfschool” reserves the right to refuse access to the site or to interrupt it, unilaterally and without prior notice, to any user who does not comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

 “watermansport surfschool”. uses all reasonable means at its disposal to provide quality access to the site but can under no circumstances be held responsible in the event of unavailability, temporary interruption or interruption of the site.

In the event of a temporary interruption in access to the site, for maintenance or other reasons, no compensation is due to the user.

Article 3 – Registration for activities and purchase terms and conditions

The buyer has the possibility to register for an activity of his choice, directly via the registration form proposed on the site within the limit of available places. Registration for an activity is personal and not transferable to a third party.

Registration can be made as long as the activity is open for booking on the site. The receipt of the registration form accompanied by a 30% deposit cheque serves as a sales contract.

 “watermansport surfschool” reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the customer’s identity is incorrect.

The buyer’s non-participation in a firmly reserved activity will not give rise to a refund, as long as the cancellation has not been notified at least 24 hours in advance (see article 5 for the cancellation procedures).

The activities offered on the site are subject to a fee.

The photos on the website are provided for illustrative purposes only, and are not contractual.

Article 4 – Rates and payment terms

The prices of the proposed activities are those listed on the “watermansport surfschool” website on the day of booking.

Prices are expressed in euros including VAT.

Payments are made by cheque, holiday voucher or cash.

The payment of the balance or the totality must be made on the first day of the internship by bank or postal cheque, holiday cheque or cash.

Article 5 – No right of withdrawal

The activities provided by “watermansport surfschool” constitute a leisure service provided on a fixed date, pursuant to the provisions of Article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code.

Consequently, the customer is informed that he does not benefit from the right of withdrawal provided for by the provisions of Article L 121-19 of the Consumer Code.

However, in the event of force majeure, “watermansport surfschool” allows the buyer to cancel his registration for an activity at the latest 24 hours before the closing date for registration for the activity. A justification of the reason for unsubscription may then be requested (hospitalization, medical certificate,…).
In this case, the refund will be made in the form of a credit note on the next releases.
No refunds or credit notes will be issued if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the closing date for registration.

Article 6 – Responsibilities

6.1 General responsibilities and obligations of the buyer

The information is strictly personal and confidential, and the user is solely responsible for it, in the event of fraudulent use as soon as he communicates it to others. It is the buyer’s responsibility to take all necessary measures to protect his own data against any breach, in the event of disclosure.

As a reminder, any person making a false declaration for himself or for others is liable, inter alia, to the penalties provided for in Article 441-1 of the Criminal Code, providing for penalties of up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

The buyer undertakes to comply with the internal regulations and safety instructions specific to “watermansport surfschool”. The participant declares that he/she has no contraindications, medical or other, to be able to practice the subscribed activity. In no event shall “watermansport surfschool” be held liable for any physical or other consequences resulting from the absence of a declaration of contraindications.

He certifies that he has taken out civil liability insurance, on a private basis, for himself and all the family members participating in the activity, which covers all the damage that may be caused to him, as well as any material damage and bodily injury caused to others.

The participant will be taken in charge and therefore under the responsibility of “watermansport surfschool” when his name is called. He remains under the responsibility of “watermansport surfschool” until the time of storing his suit on the rack. The “watermansport surfschool” civil liability concerning the participant ceases outside these hours. The parents or legal guardians of the participant must ensure before entrusting him/her to “watermansport surfschool” that the planned service is actually carried out.

The exercise of the activities is linked to weather conditions. In the event of bad weather conditions (lack of waves, thunderstorms, strong gale warning, etc.), the activities that cannot be carried out will, in agreement with the person in charge of “watermansport surfschool”, be postponed to a later date or refunded.

Any activity interrupted, shortened or not consumed by the user, for any reason whatsoever, will not give rise to an exchange or refund, provided that the activity has been partially consumed.

Each buyer of the website authorizes “watermansport surfschool” to use any information on communication media or for commercial purposes.

The user of the site is informed that “watermansport surfschool” is the holder of professional liability insurance instituted by the law of 16 July 1984 for amounts notoriously sufficient, and has all the necessary authorizations or diplomas to carry out its activities with a professional supervision.

In the event that the client considers that the level of cover offered with regard to the activity carried out is too low, it is up to him to subscribe additional cover.

The client is reminded that the provision of services in good health and safety conditions does not exempt him from observing the basic rules of prudence, he will therefore accept the risks.

The services provided by the service provider are subject to the regulatory and security conditions related to its activity, as well as to the obligation of civil liability insurance instituted by the law of 16 July 1984. The service provider is the sole guarantor and responsible to the beneficiaries of its services.

6.2 Responsibilities and obligations of ” watermansport surfschool”.

“watermansport surfschool” can under no circumstances be held liable for any moral damage or accidental or deliberate damage caused to the participant by third parties during the activities. The commitment is limited to the only services provided via the website.

 “watermansport surfschool” certifies that it has taken out professional insurance covering the risks related to its activity.

 “watermansport surfschool”. may exclude without compensation any participant whose behaviour and attitude would be contrary to morality, would harm the physical or moral integrity of one or more participants and/or the supervisor, would endanger the health and life of the other participants, his own life and/or that of the supervisor.

For group courses, the reservation is concluded subject to the minimum number of 3 participants being reached.

In some cases, “watermansport surfschool” reserves the right to cancel a service, in the following cases, for example: – in case of force majeure – safety conditions require it – unfavourable weather conditions prevent the performance of the activity at more than 50%, – an insufficient number of participants to participate in an activity, – or any other reason motivated by the general interest.

Such cancellation shall not be liable. The customer will be informed of any cancellation by telephone or SMS as soon as possible of any such changes, and will then receive a credit note corresponding to the amount of the sums involved when booking the activity. This credit note can be used for a subsequent booking or refunded on request by post. No additional compensation will be paid.

 “watermansport surfschool” cannot be held responsible for the theft of objects from the changing rooms. All valuables (cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, etc.) should be left at the reception desk as a precautionary measure.

Article 7 – General provisions Image right:

“watermansport surfschool” can take pictures or videos during the activities. The participant gives his agreement in principle to the broadcasting of the images taken. If the participant does not wish to appear in the photos or videos, it is up to him/her to inform the supervisor in charge of the activity.

Any complaint related to the booking of a service via “watermansport surfschool” must be sent by registered post, directly to the head office, with supporting documents.

Criminal misappropriation of customers and economic parasitism (according to the CASS COM judgment of 26 January 1999 D2000). The participant acknowledges that he/she cannot organize similar activities on behalf of his/her competing account or organization by trying to convince other members to follow him/her. He acknowledges that this is a diversion of the commercial efforts of “watermansport surfschool”. This non-competition obligation applies throughout the duration of the participant’s registration, whether or not the participant is present in the “watermansport surfschool” activities within a radius of 100 km around the home town and without “watermansport surfschool” being required to pay any non-competition compensation whatsoever. “watermansport surfschool” may claim compensation for the damage suffered.

It is expressly stated that the activities marketed by “watermansport surfschool” may under no circumstances be resold by the customer.

Article 8 – Confidentiality and personal data

The information collected when booking an activity is processed electronically to ensure better monitoring of the booking. “watermansport surfschool” ensures that this data is kept confidential. They are not communicated to any business partners or third parties, unless expressly authorised in advance by the member.
The information collected may be used by “watermansport surfschool” to provide the member with commercial offers at a later date and to keep the member informed of the products, services and events offered by “watermansport surfschool”.

In accordance with the “informatique et libertés” law of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, the member has the right to access and rectify information concerning him/her, which he/she can exercise by contacting the head office of “watermansport surfschool”.

All the content available on the site (in particular, texts, images, videos, photos, sounds, music, software, recipes and more generally all types of data) is protected by the Intellectual Property Code.
 “watermansport surfschool” holds the copyright to these elements. “watermansport surfschool” also holds the rights recognised by the Intellectual Property Code to the database producer, in accordance with Articles L 341-1 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

Any reproduction, representation, representation, adaptation, translation, distribution, broadcast or transfer to another site of these elements, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the prior written consent of “watermansport surfschool”.

As an exception to the above rule, the following are allowed:

– the reproduction, representation and publication of the elements of the website for the purpose of illustrating a press article, with the written consent of “watermansport surfschool”

– the reproduction, representation and publication of the activities proposed by “watermansport surfschool” for exclusively private or non-commercial use, provided that the authorship of the material is respected by clearly and legibly indicating the mention “written by “watermansport surfschool”.  ».

The name and logo “watermansport surfschool” are registered trademarks. Their use requires the prior written consent of “watermansport surfschool”.

The establishment of a hypertext link to a page on the site is subject to the prior written authorisation of “watermansport surfschool”. In any event, the establishment of such a hypertext link must be sufficiently clear and preceded by the appropriate name.

“watermansport surfschool” reserves the right to remove the link if the original site is contrary to the editorial line of the site.

Article 9 – Applicable law / Jurisdiction

“watermansport surfschool” is a trade name under French law. The law applicable to these general terms and conditions is French law.

In the event of a dispute about the purchase, activity or subscription on the “watermansport surfschool” website, the parties agree that the recordings made on the website shall be deemed to be proof between the parties. In accordance with legal requirements, the data concerning you, when purchasing or paying for an activity, are kept for security reasons. The “watermansport surfschool” reserves the right to communicate them upon request in the event that “watermansport surfschool” is required to do so before a Court. All users of the site undertake to fulfil all legal obligations of identification, to declare a real identity that is not distorted or usurped and to respect all legal obligations that apply.

Any dispute that may arise concerning the interpretation and/or execution of these general conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within whose jurisdiction the registered office of “watermansport surfschool” is located.

“watermansport surfschool” reserves the right to take legal action before the competent courts within the jurisdiction of which its registered office is located, any natural or legal person, buyer of an activity on the site, contravening these general conditions of sale and use relating to “watermansport surfschool”.

General conditions of sale and use of the Surf School ” watermansport surfschool ” established on June 1st, 2012.